ALKINDI SPRINKLE is a treatment of pediatric-specific hydrocortisone oral granules that manages cortisol levels to help facilitate accurate and individualized dosing in infants, children, and adolescents (neonate to <17 years old) with adrenal insufficiency, including congentical adrenal hyperplasia (CAH).1,2*

*The safety and effectiveness of ALKINDI SPRINKLE have not been established in patients over 17 years of age.1

Avoid under- or overdosing in the treatment of adrenal insufficiency

Hydrocortisone has a narrow therapeutic dosing window.2 Treating children outside this window can result in poor health outcomes beyond youth and into adulthood.3-6

Dosing inaccuracy is possible with pill manipulation and compounded formulations at home and at the compounding pharmacy

There is a risk of under- or overdosing due to imprecise measurements in crushing or splitting tablets and the variability in physical dimensions of the resulting product.7

Guidelines exist for healthcare professionals; however, the methods caregivers use to manipulate tablets may vary depending on7:

  • Required dose
  • Type of product(s)
  • HCP advice
  • Home equipment

Compounding at the pharmacy

Issues with compounded hydrocortisone8:


21.4% of batches lacked uniformity of net mass or drug content*


3.6% completely failed to contain any trace of the labeled drug

*Evaluation of 56 batches containing 1125 capsules.

Accurate hydrocortisone dosing for your patients is possible with ALKINDI SPRINKLE*

ALKINDI SPRINKLE is available in 4 strengths within color-coded capsules for flexible, accurate dosing.

ALKINDI SPRINKLE can help provide accurate dosing tailored to the cortisol needs of your pediatric patients, with the lowest, most effective dose.

*When the entire dose is administered when and as directed.

Dosing options showing 4 pills with various doses; 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2 mg, and 5 mg

Capsules shown are not actual size.

No pill splitting

No pill crushing

No compounding

Just sprinkles

See how ALKINDI SPRINKLE helps your pediatric patients keep their eyes on the future


All prescriptions for ALKINDI SPRINKLE need to be sent directly to Anovo® Specialty Pharmacy using either of the methods below. Once ALKINDI SPRINKLE has been prescribed, your patients will have access to Eton Cares,* a comprehensive patient support program.

Via Fax

  • Complete the ALKINDI SPRINKLE Patient Referral Form, including prescription details and important information for the benefits investigation process
  • Send via fax (1-855-813-2039) to Anovo Specialty Pharmacy

Via e-Script

  • Initiate e-Script from EMR system
  • Select “Anovo #5” for pharmacy

Anovo Specialty Pharmacy will follow up with a call to your office to obtain the patient information required for the benefits investigation process.

*Restrictions, limitations, and/or eligibility requirements apply.

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