ALKINDI SPRINKLE® (hydrocortisone) oral granules: The first and only FDA-approved hydrocortisone adrenal insufficiency treatment specifically formulated for newborns and children.1

First granular pediatric-specific adrenal insufficiency treatment ever

ALKINDI SPRINKLE is a pediatric-specific hydrocortisone treatment that manages cortisol levels to facilitate more accurate and individualized dosing in infants, children, and adolescents (neonate to <17 years old) with adrenal insufficiency (AI), including congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH).1,2*

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All prescriptions for ALKINDI SPRINKLE need to be sent directly to Anovo® Specialty Pharmacy, using either of the methods below. Once ALKINDI SPRINKLE has been prescribed, your patient will have access to Eton Cares, a comprehensive patient support program.

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Via Fax

  • Complete the ALKINDI SPRINKLE Patient Referral Form, which captures your prescription details and important information for the benefits investigation process
  • Send via fax (1-855-813-2039) to Anovo Specialty Pharmacy
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Via e-Script

  • Initiate e-Script from EMR system
  • Select "Anovo #5" for pharmacy

Anovo will follow up with a call to your office to gather the patient information required for the benefits investigation process.

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All about pediatric adrenal insufficiency

Use these downloadable resources to stay up to date on your young patient's
condition—from the basics of AI to the importance of cortisol in the body.

EMR=electronic medical record; IFU=instructions for use.

*The safety and effectiveness of ALKINDI SPRINKLE have not been established in patients over 17 years of age.1


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