Accurate hydrocortisone dosing can provide safe and effective treatment in children with adrenal insufficiency

Dosing accuracy in children with adrenal insufficiency is essential. If a child gets too much (overdosing) or too little (underdosing) hydrocortisone, they may experience poor health outcomes that can last for a long time, even into their adult years.2-5

Overdosing can lead to long-term health problems

If your child gets more hydrocortisone than prescribed, they are at risk for long-term health problems that could last into adulthood.6

Underdosing can lead to short-term health problems

If your child gets less hydrocortisone than prescribed, they could be in immediate danger.6

No representation is made for ALKINDI SPRINKLE in relation to these conditions.


The only hydrocortisone treatment designed specifically for children with adrenal insufficiency

No pill splitting

No pill crushing

No compounding

Just sprinkles

Mother accompanying children taking ALKINDI SPRINKLE
Actual patients living with adrenal insufficiency.

ALKINDI SPRINKLE: Made with kids in mind

Accurately treat your child with the dose your doctor prescribed by following the Instructions for Use.

ALKINDI SPRINKLE is a granular version of hydrocortisone developed and approved for the treatment of adrenal insufficiency in newborns and children. The hydrocortisone oral granules are small enough to sprinkle onto soft food, like yogurt or applesauce, or directly into your child’s mouth. The capsules are designed to be opened and the medicine given on a full or empty stomach with a sip of fluids to ensure all granules are swallowed.

Always give ALKINDI SPRINKLE exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

ALKINDI SPRINKLE helps provide kids with accurate hydrocortisone dosing

Learn more about accurate hydrocortisone treatment for children with adrenal insufficiency.

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