We know time with your child is precious. That’s why we created Eton Cares, a full-service patient support program designed to help you and your child along the treatment journey.

Patients who have been prescribed ALKINDI SPRINKLE® (hydrocortisone) oral granules are automatically enrolled in Eton Cares.* Our reliable professionals are fully trained on ALKINDI SPRINKLE and adrenal insufficiency.

Nurse Ambassadors

Nurse ambassadors are available to:

  • Perform regular check-ins by phone
  • Answer questions about your child’s health or medication
  • Help you and your child achieve treatment goals

Insurance Specialists

Insurance specialists provide personalized assistance and ongoing support to:

  • Ensure you understand your benefits
  • Help your doctor’s office verify and obtain insurance coverage
  • Help you secure financial assistance for ALKINDI SPRINKLE through the Eton Cares Patient Assistance Program*
  • Offer alternative forms of coverage and provide referrals to other sources of financial assistance

*Restrictions, limitations, and/or eligibility requirements may apply.


Dedicated pharmacists are available 24/7 to provide:

  • Patient support by phone
  • Worry-free refill reminders
  • Shipment alerts

Already have a prescription for ALKINDI SPRINKLE?

Anovo® Specialty Pharmacy will follow up with a call to your doctor’s office to gather the patient information required for the benefits investigation process.

Eton Cares: Helping you and your child with individualized treatment for adrenal insufficiency

Steps to treatment success

1 | Insurance verification

Eton Cares Insurance Specialists will help your doctor’s office verify and obtain insurance coverage.

2 | Pharmacist follow-up

After your prescription has been processed, a pharmacist will call you to answer your questions and schedule a delivery.

3 | Registered nurse check-in

An Eton Cares Nurse Ambassador will call regularly throughout your treatment journey to answer any questions and help set treatment goals for your child.

4 | Worry-free refills

To help you stay on track, the Anovo Specialty Pharmacy will stay in contact with you about medication refills and deliveries.

Medication for as little as $0 per month*

Call the Anovo® Specialty Pharmacy hotline to ask questions about ALKINDI SPRINKLE.

Available Monday through Friday, 8 AM-5 PM CT

*Restrictions, limitations, and/or eligibility requirements may apply.

Enroll in the Eton Cares Program

To enroll in the Eton Cares Program, download and fill out this ALKINDI SPRINKLE Referral Form with your doctor.

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