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Finally, low-dose options for adrenal insufficiency that are appropriate for kids

Treating children with adrenal insufficiency has historically been a challenge

Living with adrenal insufficiency (AI) can be difficult for you and your child, whether they are brand new to treatment or have tried treatments in the past that were hard to manage.

Prior to Alkindi Sprinkle, some parents and caregivers had to use higher strength tablets that were cut, split, or crushed to equal the dose prescribed by a doctor.

These types of changes to the medication could introduce inaccuracies that can result in:

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Too much medicine

Your child could have long-term problems

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  • Adrenal crisis
  • Masculine features and
  • rapid growth (CAH)
  • Poor response to stress
  • Weight loss

Too little medicine

Your child’s life could be in immediate danger

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With ALKINDI SPRINKLE, your child now has a dependable hydrocortisone treatment that is accurate and effective

No cutting. No splitting. Just sprinkles.

Finally, you can treat your youngest adrenal insufficiency patients like kids

ALKINDI SPRINKLE is a granular version of hydrocortisone, meaning it's small enough to "sprinkle." The capsules are designed to be opened and the medicine given on full or empty stomachs with a sip of fluids.

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Access granules by twisting open capsules

Administer sprinkles on spoon or in child’s mouth iconOR

Pour on a spoon OR directly into child’s mouth

Administer sprinkles on spoon with soft food icon

Sprinkle on a small amount of soft food (eg, yogurt or applesauce) and administer within 5 minutes

4 low strengths for accurate dosing

ALKINDI SPRINKLE flexible dosing options for hydrocortisone

Capsules for opening

  • No pill splitting, crushing, or dissolving into liquid needed
  • Low-strength options to help prevent over- or underdosing
  • Designed to mask the bitter taste when administered as directed
  • Color-coded capsules are easy to identify

ALKINDI SPRINKLE granules are:

  • Available in 4 flexible dosage strengths (0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2 mg, and 5 mg)
  • Less than 0.8 mm in size, much smaller than the FDA-recommended size to prevent choking
  • Similar in size and shape
  • Palatable according to parent and caregiver survey results
  • Stored in easy-to-open capsules
An open capsule, measuring less than 0.8 mm, pours out ALKINDI SPRINKLE granules. The size of a granule is comparable to a crayon tip, which measures 2 mm.
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Choose ALKINDI SPRINKLE and provide the exact dose your child needs, which can reduce the risks of over- and undertreatment that can occur from cutting and splitting adult-sized tablets

Administering ALKINDI SPRINKLE does not involve any pill alterations

ALKINDI SPRINKLE is for oral use only and should be removed from the capsule prior to taking. The capsule can be a choking hazard for small children.

Watch how children of various ages take ALKINDI SPRINKLE

Thumbnail for ALKINDI SPRINKLE administration video for babies that is predominantly purple in color and designed in a painterly style. Mother is partially seen in the bottom left of the screen. She is holding a baby in her arms who is wearing a purple headband and onesie.

Baby [ | ]

Thumbnail for ALKINDI SPRINKLE administration video for young children that is predominantly yellow in color and designed in a painterly style. Young boy is seen sitting in a high chair being fed from a spoon by a person off camera. He is closing his eyes and wearing a yellow t-shirt.

Young Child [ | ]

Thumbnail for ALKINDI SPRINKLE administration video for older children that uses predominantly cool colors and designed in a painterly style. Older girl is seen sitting pouring sprinkles from the ALKINDI SPRINKLE capsule directly into her mouth. She is wearing a green shirt with a purple hoodie on top.

Older Child [ | ]

Thumbnail for ALKINDI SPRINKLE live demonstration video for self-administration. Light blue text on a white background that reads 'A short, live demonstration video that features a child properly self-administering ALKINDI SPRINKLE.'

Live Demonstration [ ]

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Check the expiration date on the ALKINDI SPRINKLE bottle. DO NOT use after the expiration date listed on the bottle.

Then, remove the prescribed dose of ALKINDI SPRINKLE capsules from the bottle.

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Hold capsule with the writing at the top. Tap the capsule to make sure the granules fall to the bottom.

Hand holding ALKINDI SPRINKLE capsule
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Gently squeeze the bottom of the capsule to loosen the top from the bottom.

Hand squeezing ALKINDI SPRINKLE capsule
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Carefully twist off the top of the capsule.

Hands twisting open ALKINDI SPRINKLE capsule
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ALKINDI SPRINKLE can be given either:

with food on a spoon

Pour all granules onto a spoonful of cold or room temperature soft food (such as yogurt or applesauce), and give right away.

Hand pouring granules from ALKINDI SPRINKLE capsule onto spoon with food

Pour all granules directly onto a spoon, and place them into your child’s mouth.

Hand pouring granules from ALKINDI SPRINKLE capsule onto empty spoon

Pour all granules that make up the prescribed dose directly into your child’s mouth.

Hand pouring granules from ALKINDI SPRINKLE capsule directly into child’s mouth

After giving ALKINDI SPRINKLE, give your child a sip of fluids, such as water, milk, breast milk, or formula, right away to make sure all granules are swallowed.

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DO NOT add ALKINDI SPRINKLE to liquid, as this can result in less than the full dose being given and might make the medicine bitter.

ALKINDI SPRINKLE offers accurate dosing to match each child’s cortisol needs

Unlike previous adult-sized AI treatments, only ALKINDI SPRINKLE can be personalized to your child’s specific cortisol need with the lowest possible dose used. To reach your child’s total dose, your doctor will likely instruct you to give your child multiple smaller doses throughout the day at different times.

Your doctor may adjust your child’s dose by weight or body size throughout treatment to help better align with the appropriate cortisol levels for his or her age range.

During sick days, like times of higher stress or before surgery, you may need to give your child a higher dose of ALKINDI SPRINKLE. Your doctor can help you make the proper change.

Increased sick day dose prescription icon

Ensure your child has an extra supply of ALKINDI SPRINKLE so you have what you need if your doctor asks you to increase the dose for a sick day.

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*When administered as directed.